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The private residences and business cases featured here have given Eastern Paranormal permission to use the photos, EVP’s, and video obtained in their homes or businesses. In some instances the names and locations are withheld upon request. We NEVER feature cases that clients ask us not to release any of their information. At Eastern Paranormal we are more interested in helping others than simply posting our findings, but we do post what we can so that others in similar situations may find some comfort in knowing that there is help out there for those who need it.



Other types of paranormal investigations such as historical haunts and legends we post as much as we can so that other investigators may be helped in some way from our research.


We have broken our investigations up into four categories starting with private residences/houses, businesses, historical haunts, and geographical locations.



If you are in need of help with paranormal activity please contact Gabreael at:





Haunted Private Residences / Houses

Haunted Brunswick County, NC


Haunted New Hanover County, NC


Haunted House Myrtle Beach, SC


Haunted House Pender County, North Carolina

Haunted House OR

Ghost House Tazewell County, VA


Haunted House Hampstead, NC


Haunted Home In Michigan


 Haunted House Burgaw, North Carolina

Haunted House Wrightsville Avenue, Wilmington NC

Haunted Wrightsville, Beach North Carolina

Haunted Ohio

Haunted Businesses


Haunted Business Wilmington, NC





Historical Haunts


Haunted Fort Fisher, North Carolina


Haunted Old New Hanover County Courthouse NC


Ghost Reported In North Carolina


Haunted WWII Camp Davis Headquarters In Pender County, NC

Saint James Graveyard

Gallows Hill Wilmington, NC

Old Jailhouse In NC


Geographical Locations


Ghost Reported In Hampstead, NC


Haunted Saint Helena, North Carolina

Graveyard In NC