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Haunted Locations North Carolina

Haunted North Carolina

If you know of a haunted location in North Carolina please send the details to:







Asheville - The Biltmore Estate –  In 1914, George Vanderbilt died from complications from surgery.  His wife was said to be mad by her servant’s as she would sit in their library and talk out loud to George long after his death. People have reported feelings of being watched, apparitions, voices, laughing, & screams.

Atlantic Beach - Fort Macon - Civil War ghosts are said  to haunt the top of the fort and watch for the union soldiers to attack.




Bentonville - Bentonville Battleground -  Soldiers gunfire,  shouting, and moans in the wind can be heard on the battleground and around the trenches at night.




Brown Mountain - The Brown Mountain lights appear along the ridge of the mountain, moving erratically. This may or may not be paranormal.




Brunswick County – Brunswick Inn Southport - There a ghost named Tony who was a riverboat musician in life is said to roam the halls of the inn.




Brunswick CountyOld Brunswick Town – This excavated colonial town is reported to be haunted by some of its former residents.




Burgaw – WWII Headquarters Camp Davis – Now converted to a private business there are reports of objects moving, and strange noises on this property.




Chapel Hill - Dromgoole's Castle –  Cries from a man who committed suicide is said to be heard here.




Chesterfield - Shadowline Park - Shadows of figures are said to be seen walking around the park.




Creswell - Somerset Plantation – Screams of a women are said to eco the halls of Creswell from a grief stricken mother whose son drown in that area.




Eden - Wentworth - Blue Berry Hill Plantation – Disembodied apparitions of buried Civil War Slaves are said to roam this plantation.




Gastonia - Lincoln Academy - Lincoln Academy is said to be haunted by a young woman murdered there.




Havelock- Cherry Point Naval Hospital – Apparitions have been reported in the hallways of this old hospital.




Kings Mountain - Kings Mountain State Park – Soldiers on horseback are said to be seen near the battle grounds of this park.




Kure Beach - FortFisher – Is reportedly haunted by both Union and Confederate Soldiers.




Leland - Mt. Misery Road -  Mt. misery is reported to be haunted by slaves that died on their 90 mile march to Fayetteville, NC.  A feeling of dread is said to overcome motorist at times driving up Mt. Misery Road.





Long Beach - It is said that the gray man walks along Long Beach right before hurricanes.




Monroe - The Blakney House - The old Blakney House is believed to be haunted by its former owner William Blakney.




Mount Pleasant - Henkelite Cemetery – It is said when you visit this Civil War the cemetery at night, you will hear yelling, marching, and gunfire.




New Bern - Atmore - Oliver House –  Believed to be haunted by a child and father that were quarantined there in the attic.




Newton - Old St. Pauls Church – The organ in this church has been heard playing alone. A slave shot by his owner is also said to haunt this old church.




Outer Banks - Cape Hatteras Light House – A woman is said to be seen walking around this light house at times.




Pender CountySt. Helena – Reports of activity in this tiny little village alongside ectoplasm pictures have made this a favorite stop for local paranormal shutterbugs.




Roanoke Island – Outer Banks -  This Island is rich with Civil War lore.




Sparta - Court House – When darkness falls it is said that voices, laughter, and footsteps can be heard upstairs in the old jail area.




Wilmington - The Bellamy Mansion – It is believed that some of the former tenants of the BellamyMansion still haunt this home.




Wilmington - Old Maco Station -  Many have reported seeing ghost train lights on the old tracks at Maco.




Wilmington – Gallows Hill – This was once the Cities hanging ground. Though the gallows are now gone, the unclaimed bodies of those put to death there are buried in mass graves, and are reported to be walking the grounds, and hallways of the property. Many believe this may be the most haunted site in NC.




Wilmington – St. James Church - The cemetery attached to the church at the corner of Fourth and Market is reported to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in North Carolina.




Wilmington – Old Courthouse – Employees there now report seeing apparitions walking through walls in the old courthouse.






This Haunted North Carolina list was comprised by Eastern Paranormal.

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